6 Stunning Sacred Places of Guanajuato

I’ve often make the comment not another ‘ABC’ ! Affectionately known as (another bloody cathedral)… we can’t seem  help ourselves going into every one …is that the fear of missing out on something?

In Guanajuato these fine baroque and neoclassical buildings, churches and temples are the result of the prosperity of the silver mining in the 18th century in Guanajuato and today are beautifully maintained.

1)   The Templo de Belen or the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which sits in front of the Mercado Hildago

Bethlemite Monks who came from Guatemala built  this church as part of an architectural complex which had a cemetery, a school, a group home and gardens. Sadly only the temple remains, having a Baroque facade and a Gothic style interior. In its Latin cross plan, we can see beautiful altarpieces made with fine wood imported from Barcelona in the 19th century, as well as oil paintings and passages from the life of the Virgin. One of the most remarkable characteristics of the Church of Belen is in the vault beneath the main altar that holds about 300 crypts, with the oldest dating back to the late 18th century.

Sacred Places GuajauantoSacred Places Guajauanto 1 Sacred Places Guajauanto 2 Sacred Places Guajauanto 7 Sacred Places Guajauanto 5Sacred Places Guajauanto 9 Sacred Places Guajauanto8

2) Cathedral Basilica Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato in Plaza de la Paz

I couldn’t stop snapping this outstanding architechure from the 17th century… day and night from all angles.  The construction of the Cathedral Basilica Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato began in 1671 and was completed 25 years later, again sponsored by miners in the area. This temple has an impressive Baroque dome that stands out from the rest of the work. The temple has three entrances, a belfry with three towers, and another tower of Churrigueresque style.

Sacred Places Guajauanto3

Sacred Places Guanajuato 17Sacred Places Guanajuato 18Sacred Places Guajauanto 22 Sacred Places Guajauanto 21

3)   The Templo de San Roque : located between the San Fernando Plaza and Reforma Garden.

After a fabulous lunch we stumbled upon this simple facaded church San Roque dating back to 1726…inside the beautiful neoclassical altarpieces.

4) Templo de la Compania de Jesus next to the University

A pretty pink facade with narrow estipite columns in Churrigueresque style, but its more unique aspect is a colossal cupola with three levels, which was added in the 19th century.

Sacred Places Guajauanto 29

Sacred Places Guajauanto 23

5 ) Iglesia San Francisco

Facing the Plaza de San Francisco in the Historic Center of Guanajuato there is a majestic building made of quarried pink stone: the Church and Ex-Convent of San Francisco. It was built around the year 1928 originally functioned as a hospice.

Sacred Places Guajauanto 27 Sacred Places Guajauanto 28


6) Temple de San Diego de Acala

Last but not least the temple de San Diego sits beside the Juarez Theater, it’s been rebuilt many times due to flooding and looks nothing like it did in the 17th century. Today the square in front of the Templo de San Diego de Alcala, serves daily as the meeting ground for the Tunas Guanajuatenses, local students, before heading out on their traditional musical tours (Estudiantinas) of the city’s most famous streets.

Sacred Places Guajauanto 24 Sacred Places Guajauanto 26

So there you have it –  a quick photo tour around the cathedrals, temples, basilicas, churches  of beautiful Guanajuato.


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