Guest Posts

Thanks for visiting this page, we are on the look out for some cool travel bloggers to submit some adventurous posts on our site.

What kind of Stories are we looking for on World Wide Adventurers?

The types of stories we like are about adventure trips, camping, hiking, RVing, with a slant on cultural and sustainable travel.  Stories that get to the heart of travel, stories that meet and share with the local people, stories that see the sights and smell the smells.

You get the picture?

We haven’t been ‘everywhere’ yet (although it’s on the wander list) so some areas of the world that we would like some articles on are:

Eastern Europe, North and West Africa, Central America, Tibet and Nepal, Antartica, Alaska, Russia and Middle East.

What are our  guidelines?

Guests posts are only accepted from other personal travel bloggers.

We reserve the right to edit or decline any articles.  Articles must blend in well with our style and be congruent with our values. We will always discuss any edits with you before publication.

Please – original content only, not a copy of something that has been published elsewhere online.  Posts must have your personal voice and must be based on your own experiences.

We expect that your articles are easy to read, and contain good grammar and punctuation. Please edit your work before sending it through.

Post Format

  • Posts should be 800-1000 words
  • We prefer it to be written and formatted in word press and send us a copy of the html code. Otherwise in a plain text pad format.
  • Use h3 tags for sub headings
  • Include a bio with your article with a maximum of two personal links.
  • Bold key phrases within the post; it is best that this is no more than 4-5 words and no more than once in a sentence or paragraph.
  • Paragraphs should be no bigger than 3 sentences.

Post Images

  • Photos must be 960x640px in jpeg format.  
  • Do not include your images in a word document.
  • Please caption your images in detail
  • You must have permission to use the photos you submit

What will you receive in return

  • Link back to your site. You can put 2 links in your bio which is placed at the end of your article
  • Promotion of the post through our social networks & RSS Feed

After Publishing

Share the post through your twitter and on your fan page.

Stumble your post- It is IMPORTANT when you do this that you REVIEW the post as well.

Reply to all the comments. This puts you out there as an authority figure and someone who values what the community members have to say

How do I submit a guest blog post?

Contact us with your travel article ideas or any post you have already written.

In your introductory email, you must include a link to the personal travel blog that will be in your bio. We will not answer emails that have no link to a personal travel blog.