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We’re interested in promoting and partnering up with sustainable, ecologically and socially conscious travel services, brands, and experiences in relation to world adventure  travel.

Our Blog

World Wide Adventurers is a New Zealand Couple’s Adventure Travel Blog. Travelling around the world on a never ending nomadic journey we’re writing travel stories and finding exotic destinations and adventures for our readers by:

  •  Using, reviewing, promoting, and partnering up with sustainable, ecologically and socially conscious travel services, brands, and experiences.
  • Exposing travellers, active and armchair alike, to beautiful destinations and adventures.

Who are WorldWideAdventurers

We’re Des and Jo, a Kiwi couple from Queenstown, NZ and together have been hiking and travelling the world for the last 25 years.

Together we’ve travelled to over 50 destinations in the last 12 years, and in April 2014, we left life as we knew it in N Z in exchange for a simple life, unknown and perhaps slightly crazy, never ending exploration of the world.

You can learn more about us here.

Who are our Readers

Adventure and active travellers, we target the couples adventure market, who have a respect for the culture and economic impact of tourism. We have chosen this market to help the planet and the average person take the next step into the travelling and exploring the world.

Our readers are interested in:

  • Sustainable Adventure Travel Activities
  • Cultural and Experiencial Travel
  • Couple’s Travel
  • Hiking, Outdoors and Nature
  • Round the World Travel

Discovery and Orientation Tips

We’re interested to be considered for any Discovery and Orientation Trips particularly to promote a region, city, resort or local destination. We travel together as a couple and are interested in all world destinations, particularly those with opportunities for adventurous, hiking, cultural and independent travel experiences.

Full coverage of any trips on our blog – that normally means several articles (depending on the length of trip) on all different aspects of the visit, such as food, accommodation reviews, sightseeing, activities, travel resources.

During the trip if we have access to the internet, we will constantly keep our readers, and importantly YOU, updated on our trip. This will include writing a number of short blog posts on facebook and tweets in order to generate instant interest and awareness. This is additional to the detailed stories we write once the trip is over.

We take professional photographs ( Des was a professional photographer in a former life) and feature them on our site within blog posts and will often share them on Facebook and Twitter and other social media as and when appropriate. These are given a Creative Commons licence so that you can then use them freely for additional promotion and sharing if required.
In accepting these trips, we will always reserve the right to write candidly on our site.  We will be constructively honest with you and our readers.

Here is a couple of our recent trips that we have been invited on:

Rio Secreto
Swimming with Whale Sharks

Guest Posts

We are interested in guest posts from personal travel bloggers about couples and adventure travel experiences. Read our Guest Posting Guidelines here.

Drop us a Line

We’re self employed entrepreneurs with flexible schedules, so if you got any other ideas for mutually beneficial associations or ventures the drop us a line.