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Although this blog is mainly written by me (Jo), there are plenty of remarks, technical help, arguments and support from my travel buddy Des. (who knows he might even write a story or two!)

Meet Jo

Jo Robb|WorldWideAdventurers

Exploring the world and it’s people started when Jo spent her life savings to travel to Noumea at age 16. The travel bug got under her skin…since then she has cruised on the QEII, been to South Africa and other short luxury trips to places like New York, Singapore, Hawaii, Canada.

To say her travel style has changed in the last 10 years would be an understatement. She now realises that hotels and glitzy destinations are the same the world over and avoids them like the plague.

Today with partner Des, travel is long, slow and immersed in locality. She would rather find lodgings similar to, and in a neighborhood where the local people live. She enjoys making new friends and exchanging cultures.

After what seemed a lifetime in business as a retailer and more recently a Financial Planner, Jo is now on a mission to explore every country in the world. Needing a title for the airline departure card she now calls herself a Travelling Entrepreneur! She’s open and curious about what this will mean in the coming years…that’s a work in progress!

She has a love of photography, (just a novice),hiking, snow skiing, reading, and learning new stuff…currently learning Spanish!  and is a wanna be biker.  She also loves writing this blog and the interactions with people around the world.

She is a list freak and LOVES to read maps, scheme, research and plot routes. And of course the financial planner in her makes her the spending Queen of Team WorldWideAdventurers!

She gets grumpy without fast reliable WIFI, good food and a comfy bed.

Meet Des

Des Gray|WorldWideAdventurers

“To me” – “you are Yoda” … a client tells Des.

It’s pretty awesome to watch people drawn to his wisdom like a magnet.

Des has committed a lifetime to studying the relationship between business, ancient wisdoms, and self-mastery. His discoveries and developments break new ground for entrepreneurs, and business people.

Certainly not the usual tired, old business crap that gets rehashed. Instead, valuable skills, insights and techniques that eliminate stress and struggle, attract attention, and build business. As well as coaching companies and individuals.

Des also speaks around the world at seminars, conferences and webinars about self mastery, business mindset, and strategy.

Des is a born and breed ‘kiwi’ operating Des Gray Mindworks and imparting his skills to businesses around the world, both face to face and online. All the while travelling around the world on this crazy never ending nomadic journey with partner Jo.

Des is the driver extraordinaire of Team WorldWideAdventurers and has safely driven them over 15,000 miles in USA and Europe. He is known to turn down mysterious side roads and go everywhere he is told is too dangerous to go! He has a keen interest in how the mind works, photography (a past pro!), scuba diving, hiking and studying.

A meat man he gets grumpy with vegetarian shops that don’t sell meat, but he can appreciate their point of view.

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