Uncovering Authentic Bali – ‘Bali on Bike’

The most fun I’ve had on a bike for ages!

Bali on Bike

Sandy – always a wide smile!

Coasting on a bike down the Bali hills, sun on my face, wind gently blowing my hair, through rice fields and small villages all the way to Bob’s place for a mouth watering Balinese meal. 
From the time we met Sandi, I just got the feeling this is going to be a great day.

The “Bali Smile” is all over his face, he doesn’t know us but he’s happy to see us.

Sandi is one of those gems that everyone is looking for; he has a sparkle in the eye and a great sense of humor.

His mission is to make sure that you have an absolutely fantastic time, he is not happy until you are.

He can’t stop talking and smiling as we drive off into the hills of real Bali.

Just four in our group, our first stop is a local coffee Plantation where we sample the various coffees and teas of Bali.  Our favourites are ginger tea, lemongrass teas and of course the local Luwak Coffee.  Luwak coffee is the worlds most expensive and is made by an intriguing process.

A cat like animal seeks out the very best of the coffee berries, eats them, they remain whole and are passed through it’s digestive tract of this animal to be processed in coffee.

Bali Indonesia

Anyone for Luwak Coffee?

Hitting the highest spot in Bali we jump on our mountain bikes, don the helmets and off downhill…wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, through the rice paddy fields, passed the mandarin plantations, through local villages, the birds are singing and we are in the countryside of Bali.

Bali Indonesia

The magic countryside of Bali

A complete downhill ride, there is little or nor effort required, although I am continuing to stop and take pictures,  The children in the villages are all waving and shouting hello hello…the gentle Balinese nature is evident from a very young age.

Bali Indonesia

Fields of green while biking through the Bali countryside

Sandi is out front on his bike, turning back occasionally with that beaming smile .. Agung is following in the car watching over us from behind and carrying our backpacks…oh what an easy ride this is.

Rest stop, if we actually needed one, was to visit a local family, where there are 2 sons, their wives and children and parents living all together.  In Bali the sons always live at home with the parents.   The parents in their 80’s are working away making bamboo mats.

Bali on Bike

The elders in a local village

The sons sitting around, and 2 year old Suanti has a cleaver type tool and is trying her hand at chopping up the bamboo!   We are told this has been learned from watching her elders and we are mesmerized by her, she was literally wielding this knife with precision skill.

Bali Indonesia

Culture Shock – Suanti learns young – age 2

The funniest thing was when Des bent down to take her photo she started to cry, so seeing her crying with this great knife in her hand was kind of odd. The family considers it an honour that we have visited their home.

More downhill and through a town or two through some more rice paddies and the last highlight for us is to be invited to Sandi’s home in Laplapan village near Ubud, (pronounced Ubood).

Bob and Sandy - Bali on Bike

Bob, Sandi and Des after a great bike ride

Here we met Bob and his wife and spend some more one on one personal time at their home over lunch and drinks. Bob’s wife has prepared for us the most amazing traditional Balinese lunch.

Bali on Bike Bali on Bike 8

There was Sate, Soup, Noodles, Gado Gado, Omelet, Lawar, Chicken Curry, Tempe, Rice of course, and some Bintang

Bali on Bike – BOB for short, if you ever what to experience the cultural side of Bali with true locals and support these genuine, kind, local Balinese then Bali On Bike is for you.

This was one of our most fun filled days in Bali and was also exceptional value for your money, the food, the friendship and the sharing of culture with these lovely people in their own home, I felt like a very special guest and friend.

Biking in Bali countryside was the best fun!

Have you been biking in Bali? What was your highlight?

Update to this post December 2016 

Because we have so much fun in 2012 we went once again four years later.  Nothing has changed, it is still an awesome experience with Bali on Bike with Bob, one we highly recommend.


4 Comments on “Uncovering Authentic Bali – ‘Bali on Bike’

  1. Bali has such a lot of place to discover.
    Although there is alot of something change in their life because of the globalization but the spirit never change.
    Sandi is one of the funniest man that we ever have. He is one of our best driver and guide in Ubud. We have a lot of comment about him from our guest.

  2. Thanks for your comments Wayan, we sure hope Bali keeps it’s spirit, we too see the effect of globalisation and foreign investment here and sometimes it just feels a little out of place.

  3. Tell Sandi I will come and see him one day soon – though I might have to give the coffee a swerve. Does Luwak translate as cafe du chat shit? 🙁

    • You would love him…he is with us tonight and he wants to know when you’re coming!

      Good translation for Luwak!

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