Mexico has traveling by bus totally dialed. I love traveling by bus in Mexico. It’s a first class experience, no question. Travelling by Bus in Mexico was last modified: December 26th, 2014 by Jo

Between rioting and strikes our trip to Puno to explore Lake Titicaca is a hit or miss affair.  Some Governments around the world were advising against any travel to Puno and the surrounding areas. We feel lucky to that we arrive as the situation stabilises and are able to access this unique region. Lake, Read More

Picture this, we have just hiked the arduous 4 days in the Inca Trail and now we get to lax out on a 10 hour luxury ride to Puno, aboard the Andean Explorer. Is there such a thing as luxury train travel Peru?   Sure is, our route to Puno and  Lake Titicaca is riding, Read More

One of the reasons people travel to the Galapagos Islands is because they, along with the animals of the Galapagos have been left so untouched by humankind. On your Galapagos cruise, remember that these islands are best left in their wild and unadulterated state. The Human Galapagos was last modified: January 3rd, 2015 by Jo