San Angel: Markets of Mexico City

Not far away from the bustle of Mexico City you will find a charismatic neighborhood called San Angel (pronounced San -Ankal) there’s something about the G in spanish I don’t yet understand.

El Bazaar Sabado San Angel Mexico CitySan Angel is home to monuments, historic residences, a former Dominican monastery, a cultural center housed in what was once a municipal palace and several interesting museums. Cobblestone streets, plazas, gardens and elegant estates are reminiscent of the neighborhood’s rich colonial past – seems to be the standard line for Mexico! 

El Bazaar Sabado at San Angel in Mexico CityAnd on Saturdays San Angel hosts the famous El Bazaar Sabado, in other words a Saturday market, lucky we got local knowledge about this one. If you’re on for some shopping then this is the market to go for in Mexico City.

El Bazaar Sabado at San Angel in Mexico City

This quaint market has good quality mexican art and crafts you won’t find at the standard markets of Mexico City.  If you are looking for a real special mexican gem to take home this is the place to look. And it’s a beautiful mexican setting for ambling on a Saturday, there’s music, street performers and visual feast of art and artists. 

 El Bazaar Sabado at San Angel in Mexico City

Within minutes of arriving we talked to a stall holder who knew all about New Zealand and the maoris, she was studying Polynesia at University.  That felt pretty nice, it was the first time in Mexico someone actually knew where New Zealand was, let alone some knowledge. Moving along this colorful place we were stopped in our tracks by a beautiful brass pyramid depicting all the arch angels. Stunning we both knew instantly this was going to be our memory piece to take home from Mexico. And so it was.El Bazaar Sabado at San Angel in Mexico CityThe couple selling it started chatting to us in English (nice) and they too knew about New Zealand, the maoris and the haka!  Suddenly we felt very at home here and that was nice.

There was so much artsy cool stuff here but I have to keep reminding self about stuff and luggage! A better idea was to head to the famous restaurant La Camelia for cold beer and salsa and do some people watching!

El Bazaar Sabado at San Angel in Mexico CityWhat happened next has been a bit of a regular occurrence this week as it’s the rainy season.  The black clouds rolled on it and down she came – well we were watching the stall holders try and keep their stands from being totally flooded. Everything just turns to raging torrents, at least we had coats today! El Bazaar Sabado at San Angel in Mexico CityThe rain subsides and the day ends with a stroll down the Flower Market Strip – wow  I’ve never seen so many gorgeous (and cheap) flowers in one place before.

San Angel Flower Market Mexico CitySan Angel Flower Market Mexico CityEl Bazaar Sabado at San Angel in Mexico CityEl Bazaar Sabado at San Angel in Mexico City San Angel Mexico City|WorldWideAdventurers

Did you get all shopped out at San Angel?


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