“Dear Guests – prepare for a Wet landing” – what the heck?

I thought this was a luxury cruise!  Of course a wet landing merely means to get ones feet wet, after all we are in the remote and enchanted Galapagos Isles. We waste no time in wet landing on a small island, Rabida Island is known for its unusual red colored beaches, landing there at sunset to a welcome from the pelicans gives one an appreciation of the loneliness and wonder of this magical island. Read More

8 days aboard the Athala in the Enchanted Islands of the Galapagos 1000km off the coast of Ecuador
and a full circumnavigation of Isabella island. We are in one of the few boats that take this extended route.  Whilst one of the more expensive trips, we decided to let go of the budget here and  it we were well rewarded. Read More

Or at sea depending on your view. It’s so hard to choose a defining image or moment from our week long cruise in the Galapagos Islands, aka the Enchanted Isles.

Each day we were surrounded by brand new and special scenes of mating, courtship, territorial disputes, birth and death and every other extreme of wildlife up close and personal. Read More

The Blue Footed Booby in the Galapagos Islands are absolutely intriguing to watch.
The more one watches, the more fascinating behaviour these birds display. The name booby is from the Spanish term ‘bobo’ which translates to ‘stupid’, ‘fool’ or ‘clown’. Read More