Paris the city of lovers, the most romantic place on earth, the nuances of love echo from the language of the Parisians, music to the ear. We know we are in the city of Paris.

With so much love around, we are bound to enjoy our time here. Slowly does it and we are living like  Parisians, in a gorgeous apartment, 250 yards from Sacre Coeur on Montmartre hill, even if only for one month. Read More

Like any city you will inevitably find there are always the cheats and scammers. In many ways, it pays to stay well out of their way. Recently in Paris we couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with them, and in some cases spoil their fun by warning other tourists of their errant ways.

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Never for one minute, back in 2002 when I joined Tear Fund  in sponsorship, did I think that I would meet our sponsored child.

It was  a ‘Small investment for Life’– our sponsored child’s life; and also their families life as well. What a treat this visit has been for us. Unfortunately I am unable to publish any photos of our fun together in order to respect her privacy. Read More

Ok, so for our hike of the Inca trail, we hire the red army and no, this is not a Japanese army.

This is Llama Path –  a guide company, and the most amazing team of men I have ever seen. Our Inca trail group is made up of five hikers, a guide and eleven Porters! Read More

Choosing to hike the Inca Trail in Peru is not a decision that should be made without foresight and thinking ahead.
It is up to you to ensure that you are fully prepared for what the hike will involve and know what items you need to bring.

Here is some advice from those of us who have gone before… Read More

After an exhausting five days spent on my computer researching the places and destinations that we wanted to travel to and see in South America, I was struggling to put an itinerary together from so many different suppliers and travel companies.  Given that we had only a short month in South America to tour Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia I realised some help was needed. Read More