When in Rome…? Well, when in France eat what the French eat.

French cuisine is a mixture of sophisticated refined gourmet a la carte dining and hearty rustic fare.

We have a habit of buying “deux baguettes” each day, one for lunch and one for nibbles with cheese and wine…soo French and soo nice. Read More

How exciting off to the Galapagos….. that’s certainly how I felt, and had to keep pinching myself to believe that I was actually going. Here’s  our guide for what to pack for a cruise of the Galapagos.

First and best tip for a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands –  pack  lightly, but include LOTS of photo storage! Read More

We enter our Parisian apartment in Montmartre, conscious of the French old building smell and home cooking filling the air. Our apartment is light and airy with double opening doors out of the living space and bedroom. All of the rooms face south (remember we are in the northern hemisphere so this is good!) and are flooded with light, something that is very important to us.

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Now enter the Aladdin’s cave of Parisian Patisseries with me: patisserie cases overflowing with the most delicious looking sweet treats around every corner. It is too hard to resist not getting a daily fix of flaky, melt-in-your-mouth pastry or chewy macaroons.

My favourite is Mille-feuille: This pastry’s name literally means “thousand sheets” and is a pastry made from many layers of puff pastry alternating with a sweet filling of pastry cream, whipped cream or custard. Read More

As soon as we arrive in Paris, we hit the French cuisine starting with foie gras with crusty farmhouse bread and Confit de Vin (wine jelly) and let it melt in our mouths.

By the end, we still haven’t lost our love for the delicacy and are forgoing other French cuisine to eat foie gras not just as a starter but for lunch and dinner, with lots of pink wine. Read More

Although meals in France are not too dis-similar from those in the rest of the Western world, one is always aware how important food and the art of dining is to the French.
It is all the more exciting to fully participate in the traditional and day to day experience of devouring French food. Food is very much a part of the social fabric of French family life. Read More