The New Travel Life – 100 Days On

There is something special about going to a new place, discovering new things, and seeing things for the first time.  Its like unlocking a door you never opened before. You finally have time to stop, see things you wouldn’t usually have time to admire, to listen to the world, and to yourself. I am calling this my new travel life.

The New Travel Life

I left N Z for a new travel life with many unfinished things that now seem unimportant.  It’s hard getting the chance to write, I am way behind with loads to tell you.

Guadalajara Mexico

I am learning history of Mexico

I am learning about the Mayans in Mexico

I am learning Spanish

I am back at school 5 hours a day – 5 days a week

Anthroplogy Museum Mexico City

I was meant to come here, even though it is so far gone from what I expected it to be. I know because at night I sleep like a baby in a different bed every week!  When I wake up I have to look out the window to check if this new travel life is still real. It wasn’t a dream after all. Changing house every week or so means I have little or no housework, no power bill or no internet bill.  I like this new travel life.

Our lovely ever so comfy bed in Guanajuato

I get the chance to explore everyday. Some of the scenery is like being caught in a dream, and that is an understatement. The first two weeks, with wonderful hosts to show us the mexican way, was a fabulous introduction. Food, music, rainbow coloured houses, great company and some stunning photography all made Tlaquepaque and Guanajuato a bountiful beginning to our journey.

Guanajuato Mexico

Mexico really does have it all, mountains, jungles, oceans, beaches, villages, magic pueblos, cities, fascinating indigenous cultures, ancient pyramids, archeology and to top it off world famous cuisine.

Teotihuacan Great Pyramids Mexico

It has elegant shopping, museums, markets, street entertainment, churches, gracious tree-lined boulevards, colonial architecture, and scattered amongst all of it the most incredible Mayan sites.

Mayan Sites Mexico City

Not forgetting the symbolic Tequila, Taco’s and Mariachis – the perfect mexican party combo.

My awe of this land intensifies as we move south. Like a painter’s canvas, the architecture and landscape is breathtaking. Cathedrals built in honour of religion or even a political reminder to the people of the control from the Spanish. The intermingling of cultures (and there are many) forming a detailed tapestry, a tale that includes a passionate uprising to freedom and independence. I am in awe of this history and the beauty that it has created.

Popocatépetl Volcano, Cholula

With every place comes a new surprise, then throw in the smells and sounds, the fresh and flavorful food and you know there is many more stories to be told! I am bursting with them all.

Last but not least Mexico has some of the friendliest faces we have come across, second only to Bali. We’ve met some awesome local people who have welcomed us warmly. They don’t mind if we communicate using signs and gestures for now …  but really after a 3 months I’m feeling like I want to plunge into it and learn the language more quickly, not only for myself but in respect for the local people where we live.

Friendly Faces, Tlaquepaque Mexico

It would seem in my eyes that Mexico is perfect.

Not exactly – one of it’s imperfections is noise. It’s never truly quiet.  There is always roosters, dogs, birds, sirens, cars, music, fireworks, streets sellers and any other way they could make noise be assured they will. It’s another lesson –  I am learning to live with noise, even if that is fire crackers right outside my bedroom window at 7am on a Sunday morning!

Guanajuato Sights

Still we feel incredibly lucky to living for now in such a wonderful country.

There’s certainly some inspiration to be found here as we find a different way of life – a new travel life whatever that is.

What does your travel life look like?


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