Mexico City – Don’t Go There

It’s too dangerous…

You’ll get robbed…

You’ll get kidnapped…

You’ll die…

Someone told us it’s ugly,dirty and we would hate it.  It appears a few of these perceptions might be a little outdated!

Lucky for us we don’t believe everything we are told. As we chatted to more people we heard about…

Anthropology Museum

Museum of Anthropology Mexico City|WorldWideAdventurers The Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts from Sears

Metropolitan Cathedral

Metropolitan Cathedral Mexico City



Teotihuacan Mexico Cityand the dozens of Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Mexico City has more museums that any other city on earth!

It became very obvious that we would definitely be going to Mexico City. However not being a big city girl, I still didn’t know what to expect.

Mexico City Downtown

If you have never visited Mexico City, what are your ideas about the Mexican capital? I’m sure your first thought is drug cartels and street crime, unfriendly people, impossible to get anywhere because of the traffic, and that it is a generally a big ugly smoggy city.  And honestly, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. When you consider that Mexico City is home to 25 million souls (that’s nearly 6 times the whole N Z population!) and the media reports crime every other day, what else are you expected to think?

Mexico City Cafe

In fact the real experience we had in Mexico City was something very different.  Yes, it was busy and there were crowds on the metro and in the streets. The traffic was busy but no worse than Auckland. I wasn’t aware of too much smog. Mexico City is a city with multiple neighbourhoods that all have distinct cultures and different people living in them.  It’s has high-rises but it’s not full of them.  It has leafy, green neighborhoods side by side.

Mexico City Leaf Green Suburbs

It’s reasonably attractive and has a ton of Unesco heritage sites to keep the visitor entertained for a least a month! We bopped around in a local neighborhood in an outer suburb for a week, shopped at the local shops and markets, rode the ridiculously cheap underground metro everyday and felt as safe as we do in a large city around the world. Our week was way too short, we had


3 Comments on “Mexico City – Don’t Go There

  1. That is an AWESOME description of Mexico City. It sounds like a very “real” place and good for you for not being frightened away! Big cities are “big cities” – with great people and usually just a few not so nice ones! Thanks for sharing your experiences – now I can put Mexico on my radar screen (if I ever get tired of New Zealand – NOT) Love you guys – have a great trip!

    • Hi Talie – I think Mexico itself is quite underrated… absolutely Mexico for your radar – after NZ of course! Although not so much hiking here, the colonial cities make up for the lack of it.

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