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Picture this, we have just hiked the arduous 4 days in the Inca Trail and now we get to lax out on a 10 hour luxury ride to Puno, aboard the Andean Explorer. Is there such a thing as luxury train travel Peru?   Sure is, our route to Puno and  Lake Titicaca is riding the luxurious Andean Explorer.

Cusco to Puno Train 12The Andean Explorer is a delicate style of the great Pullman trains of the twenties. It includes dining cars and a car-bar outdoor observatory, and one the most of luxurious and different ways of travel between Cusco and Lake Titicaca.

Cusco to Puno Train 29

BUT the route had been subject to rioting and strikes over mining issues and prior to us going on the Inca trail we had cancelled this portion of the trip as we did not want to purposely run into trouble of this kind.

However on our last day at Machu Picchu our guide got a call from our agent to say that the train is running and we can go! We are thrilled that we aren’t going to miss this part.

Cusco to Puno Train 8

Riding the Andean Explorer is a unique experience, a journey between mountains and clouds, and between mountains and highlands.

Ten hour train journey, which stops at the top of La Raya Pass where we are treated to a market, yes there is always someone selling something. And of course some locals who like their photo taken for a few coins.

Cusco to Puno Train 27

The journey takes us to the  majestic Lake Titicaca and in whose path, the traveller will see the changing landscapes among mountains, rolling plains, and the various weather of the area.

Our day of rest and luxury is just what the doctor ordered. Our train is the first through in 3 weeks and our train guards warn us to stay away from the rear outdoor car of the train.

They are a bit apprehensive that there may be some trouble as we pass through a town called Juliaca. The train track literally goes right through the market, when the train is not using the tracks the market spreads all over the tracks! It’s quite a sight to see them trading so close to the train.  However, we pass though without incident and many waves from the locals, who I think are just pleased to see us.

Here’s some of the gorgeous scenery along the route, click on first photo to open Gallery.

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