Lost in Guanajuato!

You may get horribly lost in the streets of Guanajuato, but … so what!  This is the most fascinating place in the world to be lost – and I highly recommend walking until you are lost!

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We’re definitely lost – completely lost deep in the magic of discovery. Nestled in a steep ravine in Central Mexico is Guanajuato –  an enchanting city where the houses dribble down the hillside at impossible angles, in hues of baby pink, lime green, mexican orange, purple and bright yellow. The ‘Cinque Terre of Mexico’ comes to mind as an appropriate comparison,  forgive me for thinking I’m in Italy, this could be described as European without the cost.

Lost in Guanajuato 2

There are layers of architecture, culture, temples, museums, churches, food stalls, street merchants found at nearly every corner you turn. Even more intriguing is the underground traffic, most of Guanajuato’s traffic is below ground and a quick whizz underground and you are on the other side of the city.

Layers of architecture, culture, temples, museums everywhere you look. Immersed in the entanglement of secret and twisted alleyways that spider web this colonial city, is a vibrant community of mexican families and students.  I am mesmerized  by the celebration that is just life here in Mexico, it’s relaxed, there is contentment in the faces of the people,  young children play all day long with each other, not toys, not phones,  just each other. 

Watermarked.Guanajuato Happy Faces.jpgWandering around is a little overwhelming for the senses, the scent of lilies in the churches to the offal they are cooking on the streets (think stink!)  the spanish we cannot yet understand, music, singing and laughter, as well as the intense colours of the buildings, trees and flowers contrasting against the blue sky.

It’s a happy place to just be and walk of course.

You’ve just got to walk and walk and walk – wander aimlessly, walk tirelessly I can feel and firmness happening in the backs of my legs.

If getting lost in the maze is all too much then head up the Funicular for a birds eye view and to get your bearings…the Pipila Monument itself is nothing  special, but the panoramic view shows the city from an incomparable perspective.

Lost in Guanajuato 7

Pardon the rave but we are just loving this gorgeous place.

We love you Guanajuato, in fact we love you Mexico.


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  1. Looks and sounds like you are enjoying every minute – I am very jealous. We’ll get there one day

    • Hey Cheryl,

      Thanks for reading my rave.

      Yes put in on your wishlist…it’s a very special, unique place and economical ‘cost of living’ to boot!

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