Liebstar Award Nomination!

We’ve been nominated for the Liebstar Award! 

Just as we arrived to Cancun for TBEX our very first travel bloggers conference, I started twittering around on twitter and found a tweet from Adventure J nominating our blog for the Liebstar Award. I was flattered and excited.

A huge thank you to Adventure J for checking in and nominating us. 

liebsterAwardWhat is The Liebstar Award

The Liebstar Award was created to recognize new bloggers.  I was nominated by AdventureJ and I must respond to her list of 11 questions about myself and our travels. Then I nominate 5 more bloggers to do the same.

I love this wonderful idea that shares love, promotes and welcome new bloggers like me into the community of bloggers.

We’re all in this together and maybe we’ll even meet one day, somewhere – right?

The Rules of the Liebstar Award

If you are nominated for this award here’s what you need to do.

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

2)  Answer the 11 Questions the blogger asked you.

3) Nominate 5 other Bloggers who have less than 500 Twitter followers.

4) Ask them 11 new questions.

5)  Let them know about their nominations by Twitter, Facebook or email so that they can proceed with the award process.

Here’s my answers to AdventureJ’s questions


What’s your first great travel experience?

Travelling to New Caledonia as a 16 year old – Not sure if that’s meant to be my ‘first travel experience’ or my ‘first great travel experience’ – anyhow I’ll go with my very first overseas trip by myself (without parents) at age 16. I was young and still in school when I learned about a ‘school’ trip to New Caledonia. I was already dreaming about white sand beaches and gorgeous french boys.

I had an afterschool job in a local café and had been saving madly to buy a car. I had $700 dollars in the bank.  The trip to New Caledonia costs $700.  Dilemma – should I spend my $700 going to Noumea or should I continue with my plan to buy a car. That $700 was for flights from the bottom of New Zealand all the way to New Caledonia, 2 weeks accomodation and meals all included. 

It was my first introduction to the outside world and I caught some sort of life long bug  – called  ‘wanna travel all the time’.

Recently we found a cure and are now travelling fulltime living a privileged travel life.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done while traveling?

Swimming with Whale Sharks Cancun2
Swimming with Whale Sharks in Cancun – With the Whale Shark season ending in a few days and soon heading off to Cuba there was no time to think about it. Lets face it who doesn’t want to swim with the world’s largest fish that are likely to be as long as a bus! Somehow it was just booked and we were going. Still not really thinking about what it would be like Eco Colors picked us up and reality set in when the first thing Synthia suggested that we call at the pharmacy to buy sea sickness tablets. I never get seasick but she made me a little nervous.

Looked like I was really going to need my big girl pants for this trip. I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to not only see these magnificent animals but swim in such close proximity to them, thanks to my guide Synthia of Eco Colors whose strong swimming got me where I needed to be.

Nothing prepared me for how awe inspiring they looked until I actually put my face under the water and come face to face with one!

I felt like the luckiest person on earth that day. 

One piece of travel advice?

Don’t wait – there is no better time than now, make a plan and go, you will never be this young again.Smoking in Cuba

What was your worst day while traveling and why?

Worst Travel Day
Breaking my cameras! – Although happier days in this photo with my camera. My worst day was the day I broke my second lens in a month. And on the first day of three weeks in Cuba no less.  I was in tears and felt literally sick, three whole weeks in an amazing place like Cuba and no proper camera.

I have to make do with 2 smartphones and a Go Pro that I can’t even operate yet!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or done while traveling? 

Funniest Travel Moment
Being part of Tlaquepaque Street Entertainment – The only white people in the crowd we screamed tourist and the comedian was eyeing us up, I could feel it. When the person in front of me shifted I moved to the front for better photos, oops that was the moment that the little comedian came racing over and took my hand, then promptly returned for Des. Relieving us of our bags and cameras we immediately became part of his hideous show. 

We were made to dance difficult, swanky, sexy moves and we ended up on the stage for about 30 minutes! It felt like forever but I just couldn’t stop laughing. I’m sure we gringos were put there to entertain the people of Tlaquepaque. 

What’s your favorite country and why?

Hands Down Guatemala – Guatemala is ruggedly beautiful, because it just is. It has spectacular terrain, diverse people and culture that truly captured our hearts. We loved the dense jungles, rain forests, and wildlife reserves and hundreds of birds, plants, insects, and animals.

The gorgeous oceans, seas, rivers, turquoise lagoons, waterfalls, lakes (including the world’s most beautiful lake, Lake Atitlán), sulfur baths, and other breathtaking natural wonders. The fertile valleys, dense forests, caves, mountains, and volcanoes are perfect for hiking, climbing, and exploring. There are active and inactive volcanoes in Guatemala, especially in the highlands.

Guatemala is home to highest volcano (Tajumulco, the highest point in ALL of Central America), which we climbed but that is another story, and its most active and hence ¨dangerous¨ volcano (Santiaguito). We viewed this erupting from a distance at Lake Chicabal.

Beautiful Guatemalan people

Last but not least the beautiful people, kind gentle and very genuine. For us, the perfect life is in Guatemala

List 3 things from your bucket list.

  •  Climb Kilimanjaro before I get too old! 
  •  Volunteer in the Galapagos Islands so I can just hangout there. 
  •  Hike the Annapurna Circuit 

What’s one thing you never leave home without? 

Travel Camera
My Camera/s – Excuse me; I’m taking a photo!  – I have to be a bit boring here, but it really is my camera. I rarely leave to go out anywhere without my camera.

It acts like my diary!

What’s the best thing (food) you’ve tried while traveling? 

This is a tricky one, although I like my food I’m not a foodie and don’t generally set out to try heaps of new food. I loved the initial idea of trout on the menu in Peru. But after a month I did get sick of quinoa soup and trout which seemed to be everyday lunch.

I couldn’t do rice and beans in Cuba, tamales in Mexico and I hated the dried pigs blood and intestines that were served to me in Singapore. 

What’s the one place you’ve been to but will never return to and why?

On the beach in Belize
Belize – it just felt all wrong,  a bit loud, rough and expensive for what’s on offer. I felt a bit like the only thing they were interested in was my money.

Where are you traveling to next? 

Nicaragua – I feel another amazing travel adventure coming on!

Okay, now its time to announce my lovely nominees!


Everyday Journey  – Amelia and Jason

Join Amelia from Iowa as she documents the preparation she and her husband undertake for moving their family abroad to live on the island of Cozumel in Mexico.   This is the story of their family travels, their big adventure and of course it’s the “Everyday Journey”

Go Chase the Sun – Nikki and Bojorn 

The name says it all – I love it. Join Nikki and Bojorn a Danish couple hiking, climbing and taking amazing photos while chasing the sun around the world. 

Odd Years Travel – Megan and Craig

American’s Megan and Craig are a couple of wide-eyed teachers-to-be whose approach has always been to “travel like locals,” to get to the heart of a culture and understand the way it ticks. Their blog not only shares experiences, but also provides practical advice on ways to travel smart and go deep into a place so that you can find ways to make a trip or life abroad entirely your own. They are living the life they always wanted to lead and they call these the “Odd Years”

One World One Year – Britnee and Mark 

Britnee and Mark from beautiful Utah are sharing their year-long journey across the globe and are hoping to inspire others to quit their jobs and do the same. They set off in May 2014 and are planning to take in Japan, China, Mongolia, Russia, Europe, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Peru. Britnee had never really travelled before she met Mark, but it was she who caught the travel bug bad and convinced him to sell up and head off. 

Our Travel Life 

Mads and Camilla travelling are the world indefinitely. Starting with 2 one way tickets to Japan, they’re currently in the Philippines and who knows where to next, join their journey. 

I’d like you all to write a post and answer these questions for me:

  1. Why do you travel?
  2. What would your $100,000 travel plan look like?
  3. What are the 10 essential things you would take on a 7 day camping trip?
  4. What’s your most memorable souvenir you’ve bought?
  5. Describe the most fascinating person you’ve met on your travels.
  6. What do you say about taking a cruise? or not
  7. Where was your best experience using a local guide?
  8. Where do you like to sleep when you travel and why?
  9. What’s your worst transport experience?
  10. What’s your most frightening travel memory?
  11. What’s the next travel place on your Bucket List?


Looking forward to your blog posts!

And wait… Don’t forget to let me know and link to your post in the comments below once you’ve posted them.


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