Going Away on Vacation?

Let us take care of your home, and pets while you are away enjoying your vacation. We offer professionalism, respect for homeownership and other people’s property, hands-on experience with common domestic care and a sincere love of animals.

Housesitting Rosie Ajijic

Des was great at massage and scratching my back – love Rosie xxx

No cost to you

We don’t generally charge for housesitting or petsitting. We see it more as a mutually beneficial exchange. We provide you with piece of mind by caring for your pets and home in return you provide us with a comfortable home while we’re traveling and a pet/s we can love. If you require services beyond our standard offering as below then we can discuss a reasonable fee based on your specific needs.

What you can expect from us

You can inquire about having us look after your pets and home by completing the form at the bottom of the page. If we are available and both parties feel it’s a good fit, then we will arrange a Skype Call to discuss the logistics of the assignment. We recommend scheduling a “hand-over” meeting at your home the day before your departure. This provides an opportunity to meet you and your pet in person and do a walk-through of your home together. Upon your return, we’ll provide a de – brief covering any  issues while you were away.  

House and Petsitting

I met this gorgeous girl in the street, I could have taken her home!

What we do for you:

1) Ensure your home is occupied and secure in your absence
2) Water house plants and garden as needed
3) Gather mail/newspapers/deliveries
4) Feed, walk and water your pets
5) Play with your pets and give them love and attention
6) Provide pet updates while you’re away
7) Deal with any unexpected emergencies
8) Answer your phone if required and send you messages

Housesitting Buddy San Francisco

I had so much fun with Jo and Des…. Love Buddy xxx

What You Provide:

1) Comfortable home in safe neighborhood 
2) Queen-sized bed in private bedroom 
3) Reliable high speed WIFI Internet access
4) Kitchen with standard appliances, pots, pans, plates, glasses, silverware, etc.
5) Laundry facilities
6) Sheets and towels

Our Ideal Assignment

We are interested in assignments lasting 2 weeks to 3 months. We are currently in Latin America and are considering all locations worldwide except the UK. 

About Us  – Who are we?

We are Des and Jo a ‘young at heart’ couple who have travelled the globe extensively over the last ten years. Born and raised in New Zealand, we are true kiwis with a love of travel, people and other cultures, photography, nature, reading/learning, gardening, hiking and the outdoors.

We are self employed in professional business, and currently working primarily online. This location independence makes it easy for us to plan our itinerary around your travel needs. We work remotely as long as we have a good internet connection. 

Jo Housesitting

Des HousesittingBest Choice for House and Petsitting

We have many years experience in home/garden care and maintenance, cosmetic home repair and decorating, along with garden design. We are caring, meticulous people who bring loyalty, consistency, trustworthiness and resourcefulness to all our experiences and adventures.
We have both owned our own homes for many years. Presently we are traveling, our own home is in Queenstown, New Zealand.  We have had many pets over the years, including cats and dogs. Des had Cocker Spaniels and Jo had an apricot poodle, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and lots of cats.

Worldwide Housesitting Services

Our home in New Zealand

Why we love to House and Pet Sit

House-sitting provides a great setting for us; being able to work in a quiet, private environment in different locations. We love to connect and experience locations as a ‘local’, and to stay for longer periods of time in one place. We enjoy different cultures and adapt easily to change.

We love pets, in particular small dogs, but due to our lifestyle we currently have no pets. We happily fill this void by looking after friends dog’s in our own home. We love this time with ‘Jodi’, our adopted poodle, ‘Cassie’, a very pretty white Bischon and Roxy the Shitzu. We also have made lovely pet friends like Lucas, Rosie and Buddy around the world. Pet sitting allows us to love and make special friends with your pet’s in return for the companionship and fun they bring to us. 

Petsitting Jodi Queenstown

I love cuddles with Des, he gets all the right spots! Love Jodi xxx

Why should you consider us?

Integrity and respect for maintaining your privacy and personal property, is fundamental to us. In addition to the above, we are unencumbered, which means we are free to move around at any time.  We are in excellent health, have very good morals and work ethics. We don’t have young children or pets, nor do we smoke or have any other addictive habits.  

We are both very professional, organized and capable people that can be comfortably relied upon to care for your home and animals while you are away.

What our Clients say

Lucas and Rosie in Mexico

Housesitting Lucas Ajijic

Relaxing after a hard day of play with Jo and Des. Love Lucas xxx

 Des and Jo are an affable couple from down under (New Zealand) that will put your mind at ease when you’re away from home. Both are very competent at home and pet sitting. Our pets, home and garden we’re in better condition when we returned home from our trip then when we left. Spend a little time with them before and after your trip and you’ll develop a friendship and discover a couple with some very interesting stories from their adventures from around the world. We would not hesitate to have them back.
Larry and Valerie Friesen
Ajijic, Mexico

Jodi in Queenstown

Petsitting Jodi

I love a back massage from Des. Love Jodi xxx

Jo and Des have frequently taken care of my toy poodle Jodi. I have utmost confidence in them and have no hesitation recommending them as pet carers. Jodi has a nervous disposition and Jo and Des have gained her trust. She is always eager to rush through their door when we arrive at their home. She bounces around eager to be picked up for a cuddle. Jodi fits into their space as though she belongs, roams around their home as if its her own. I sometimes wonder who she is happiest with! Jo and Des have the patience and love of animals to bond with them, animals instantly feel safe and comfortable with them, truly amazing to witness. Once again I genuinely recommend them and trust them to look after my dog who is a very real member of my family.

Debbie van de Water
Queenstown New Zealand

Buddy in San Francisco

Des and Buddy Housesitting

Where are we off to today? I love exploring with Jo and Des, they take me to cool places. Love Buddy xxx

Joanne and her husband Des took care of our yellow lab Buddy for a week while we were away on vacation. They were absolutely wonderful caregivers for both him and our home. Buddy got lots of love and exercise with Jo and Des and lots of opportunities to explore the Bay Area with them. They were incredibly responsible and thoughtful on all fronts and we felt completely at ease leaving Buddy in their care. We would highly recommend them for your pet sitting/housesitting needs and hope to be able to make an exchange with them in the future! 

Kelley Etebar
San Francisco USA

 Roxy in Queenstown

Petsitting for Roxy Queenstown

Relaxing after playtime with Jo and Des. Love Roxy xxx

I am the director of a Property Management company in Queenstown, New Zealand and would not hesitate to recommend Jo and Des as excellent tenants/house-sitters/pet carers. We have been very privileged to have Jo and Des look after our Dog “Roxy” . They treat her so wonderful and she loves going for sleep-over’s and visits. I could not recommend any couple more highly. We are sure going to miss them. 

Cindy Bonn
Queenstown, New Zealand

Petsitting Roxy Queenstown

We love you too Roxy xxx

If you’d like to chat to us about a possible house or pet sitting assignment you can contact us here initially.

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