When Bali presented itself as being our home for four months, I was over the moon. Four months, it would be the longest time in one place for three years. There was never any question of location, we would be renting a Villa in Ubud somewhere. Finding a Villa to Rent in Ubud wasn’t as easy as I, Read More

Riding a Scooter in Bali

Riding a Scooter in Bali – Is it a Good Idea? In the beginning it felt like they were out to kill us in one foul swoop… cars, dogs, scooters, chickens, trucks, buses and bikes all sharing the one lane road coming at us in every direction. It’s easy to get distracted by the five year, Read More

Living in Bali

Living in Bali I’m careful not to crush the delicate box filled with petals and bread at my feet and just follow the path wherever it leads… Many more of the tiny boxes are scattered over the stone steps and above the mossy walls are the gold temple umbrellas, bright against a cloudless sky. I’m, Read More

The delicious aroma of Balinese herbs and spices waft in the air as I relax with a Bintang (Bali beer) at the outdoor banquet table ready for a culinary feast of epic proportions! The last few hours my nine new friends are at the best cooking class in Bali. We’ve been chopping, mixing, grinding,, Read More

Hiya Guys, We’re taking a break from the buzz and bustle of south Bali and are now at Rama Candidasa. It’s the perfect spot for daily massages, yoga, swimming and daydreaming. This place is right by the sea, with mountains and ricefields behind us. We have it all and are in Bali heaven. Postcard, Read More

Her stunning blue eyes capture my attention as she urges me to do business with her. A beautiful Balinese woman is calling out to me – ‘Massage Madam’ in a questioning tone. We can go together she says to Des and I: “my friend here, she strong” as a tiny 5 foot nothing smiley girl, Read More

“Cat Poop Coffee”, yep that’s right. It’s a fascinating and strange process for making coffee in Indonesia that certainly gets people talking, in most cases without true knowledge of its origin and process. It’s called Kopi Luwak or Luwak Coffee. From the  Indonesian language Kopi= Coffee and Luwak = Asian Palm Civet, also called Civet Coffee, Luwak Coffee, Read More

One of the things that left a lasting and deep impression on my first visit to Bali was the strong, omnipresent sense of spirituality and religion that guide the Balinese people in their everyday lives. Nothing has changed and I am here again and enjoying these people in this place of peace. Over 90%, Read More

The most fun I’ve had on a bike for ages! Coasting on a bike down the Bali hills, sun on my face, wind gently blowing my hair, through rice fields and small villages all the way to Bob’s place for a mouth watering Balinese meal.  From the time we met Sandi, I just got the, Read More