Climbing to the Clock Towers at  La Basilica in Quito is fun –  but it’s no Stairway to Heaven. As if Quito is not high enough we are going higher. Unlike climbing to the bell tower at Notre Dame with the safety of handrails and enclosed stairs, climbing to the top of the La, Read More

This is Part 2 of our Amazon Jungle trip, Part 1 is here  if you’d like to read it first. Everywhere, from forest floor to the treetops, the jungle was seething with all manner of life from small ants to giant otters. The Wild and Untamed Amazon Part 2 was last modified: January 3rd,, Read More

Dubbed ‘The Reliquary of the Americas’ with some 40 churches and chapels, and 16 convents and monasteries with their respective cloisters in the Old Town alone, it’s easy to understand why. Most people use Quito as a stop over for the nights either side of Galapagos Islands. We are so glad we have longer to explore this, Read More

Standing 120 feet up on the steep canopy tower, our guide points excitedly. We glimpse a rainbow of feathers, and 3 macaws fly rapidly through the tall trees. Their bright plumage is stark contrast against the cloudy, misty backdrop of the rainforest. In a flash they’re gone and we are left wanting more. The, Read More

Otavalo is a must-see destination in Ecuador. Just under two hours’ drive north from Quito, the journey itself is a treat.  We travel through the beautiful Andean scenery, with plenty of great little places and stalls to stop at on the way. The market is an experience for all the senses: the aromas of, Read More

It was a very special encounter dating back to a decision I made in 2002. It touched me more than all of Ecuador’s beauty and diversity. My decision changed a life for a cute, shy little girl in Quito, then aged 6.  Our Unforgettable Experience in Quito was last modified: January 3rd, 2015 by Jo

Never for one minute, back in 2002 when I joined Tear Fund  in sponsorship, did I think that I would meet our sponsored child. It was  a ‘Small investment for Life’– our sponsored child’s life; and also their families life as well. What a treat this visit has been for us. Unfortunately I am unable, Read More