When Bali presented itself as being our home for four months, I was over the moon. Four months, it would be the longest time in one place for three years. There was never any question of location, we would be renting a Villa in Ubud somewhere. Finding a Villa to Rent in Ubud wasn’t as easy as I, Read More

‘Mexico Travel Cost of Living’ – 105 Days in Mexico – So what did that cost? This is the first in our series of our ‘Travelling the World’ living costs.   We’ll be doing country by country, so you can see what it costs to travel and live in various places. It will outline all our living costs/housing/transport costs/food, Read More

A recurring theme is emerging in our Mexico accommodation. If you rent from an American you can pretty much guarantee it will be big and plentiful in every way. Rent from a local and it will be adequate and quaint. Both are great experiences. In our 4 months in Mexico we found some pretty nice and reasonably, Read More

This hectic travel life…Where on Earth are we?… Why haven’t you heard from us? Yes  – we have been absent and we’re sorry about that. This travel life is hectic, so this post is a quick roundup of the last 18 months and a sneak peek into some of the stories we’ve got in store for you. We left you, Read More

Day 200 of the Privileged Travel Life – still alive, not robbed, not kidnapped, not divorced, still fat.Back when we left New Zealand I had a vague notion that we might get to Antarctica by February 2015, haha – it’s pretty clear now that we will be lucky to get past Latin America –  maybe, Read More

It feels kind of metropolitan–a wee bit European, a bit gritty and very Guatemalan. Quetzaltenango showed us an intimate and very real view of Guatemala. Surrounded by a plethora of typical Mayan villages Quetzaltenango aka Xela is a city with a real heart. To get the most out of this place and it’s surroundings come, Read More

Airbnb has rapidly become our preferred way for locating suitable places to stay around the world. This lodging website is intuitive and easy to use.  We have found some great places and people to stay with so far on our adventure around the world. These days I always start with Airbnb. How to get, Read More

There is something special about going to a new place, discovering new things, and seeing things for the first time.  Its like unlocking a door you never opened before. You finally have time to stop, see things you wouldn’t usually have time to admire, to listen to the world, and to yourself. I am calling, Read More

Finally I found a cool map that I could plot our route on so you can actually see where we have been.  If you click on each of the places it will take you to some stories from there too. Mexico is such a cool country, we love everything about it.  To think we, Read More

So what is it about Housesitting that we love? We get doggie time… and a load of other benefits of living in a house away from home… Housesitting in Ajijic Lake Chapala  was last modified: January 10th, 2017 by Jo

We love our simple, economical lifestyle in Mexico and today we celebrate 50 days on the road as Nomads. We are supposed to be in Guatemala learning Spanish….properly No wait – back up – we aren’t supposed to be anywhere.  We can be where we like –  I just momentarily forgot that.  Living the, Read More

Location Location Location  – what more can I say  – I know that phrase so well. It couldn’t be better. Our place is 5 minutes walk to the central square where families gather for fun, singing, dancing and daily rituals of Mexican living. I really wanted to stay in Guadalajara Centro District but struggled to, Read More