It feels kind of metropolitan–a wee bit European, a bit gritty and very Guatemalan. Quetzaltenango showed us an intimate and very real view of Guatemala. Surrounded by a plethora of typical Mayan villages Quetzaltenango aka Xela is a city with a real heart. To get the most out of this place and it’s surroundings come, Read More

Learning Spanish is popular in Guatemala and places like Antigua and Lago Atitlan are well-known for it. But if you want to remain fairly off-the-trail, Xela is definitely the place to go. It’s not like it’s the only Spanish speaking country on the continent but a number of factors make it Guatemala and in, Read More

I loved saying I was going to Guatemala, it sounded faraway, unknown and kind of exotic in a strange way. The smooth and rhythmic sound of  “Gwah-teh-maah-laa.” was music to my ears. I really had little idea what to expect and I wondered what it was really like? Now I can say living in, Read More

Guatemala’s Tajumulco Volcano is impressive. A gigantic 13,845 foot peak that stands among the great giants of the Americas. Surprisingly, it is not so well-known among trekkers, despite it being the highest point in Central America. There were many volcanoes around Xela, but when we heard Celas Maya (our Spanish School) was planning a trip to, Read More