Bucket List or Wander List?

To bucket list or to wander list?

This is not a bucket list – it’s a Claytons – you know the one you have when you’re not having one!

I called it my Wander List because apparently things need labels! Besides I would fill a bucket way too quick and then what would I do. I am going to admit it.

I Iove lists – actually I am a real list freak.

When I started writing my “world to do list” I realised that by the time I researched the world and wrote down what I wanted to do I might have already kicked the bucket – it was that BIG.

Bucket List or Wander ListIt became apparent that I just wanted to do everything in no particular order.

Cole from Four Jandals describes the merits of ‘kicking out the bucket’ list and he says:

“Every time we travel somewhere new or talk to people about travelling, I discover something that I want to add to this list. If I had kept on adding items up till now then we would have over 200 adventures to do before our time on this planet was up.”

And Matt from Landlopers agrees: “as one expands their personal travel boundaries, more travel destinations will suddenly become more appealing”.

I agree with Matt and Cole travel changes you, so this ‘Bucket List’ idea just became unwieldy, impractical and seemingly endless.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with endless.

That is the ultimate travel proposition!

So here are the 7 top things on my Endless Wander List:

7 Continents – that’s all – only 7

Finger by Finger and Palm by Palm taking a handful at a time.

Travelling – Long – Slow – Simple483280_440459942662012_1503333809_n-300x200.jpg 2



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