Book Review – ‘How to Become a Housesitter’

If you’ve wanted to travel the world, but have never had enough funds to scrape together for a trip, then house sitting could be an exciting alternative for you to consider. If you’ve never heard of house sitting, or don’t know what it’s all about, then I’m sure this informative volume penned by Canadian couple Dalene and Pete Heck will do enough to enlighten you.

Housesitting Book

Ultimate information for the Aspiring Housesitter

The Book :‘How to become a Housesitter’

The Hecks establish themselves as rather authoritative on the topic – and with good reason. As they explain, they’ve had plenty of house sitting jobs all over the world (as well as running their own travel blog). Now they want to share the  secrets to forging a career out of house sitting with others.

In their how-to guide they cover everything from finding somewhere to house sit, how to wade through the many requests on specialist websites, and how to come across well to a potential employer.

For the inexperienced, their guide also proffers some sage advice regarding contracts, agreements, and how to avoid disagreements between the house sitter and home-owner.

As well as answering all the questions you might need to know about house sitting, also included is a whole section where you can gain info straight from the horse’s mouth – the Heck’s have kindly got in touch with previous home-owners they’ve dealt with who can tell you exactly what they are after in terms of an ideal house sitter.

The layout of their e-book is visually interesting – the pages are in a landscape orientation which sets it apart from many other travel e-books. The information flows nicely from one topic to the next, making the reading experience fluid and enjoyable.

As a traveller myself, house sitting is something which I am yet to experience. However, with this guide in hand, the task of becoming a house sitter looks like a very exciting prospect!

Pete and Dalene Heck have packed their guide with resources and secrets and it’s definitely worth a read if you’re willing to be flexible on future accommodation options when you travel.

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