Secrets of Colonial Mexico Behind Closed Doors

Discovering some of the secrets hidden behind the seemingly interminable doors and walls of Colonial Mexico is an ongoing challenge. It’s true, I have a thing about doors, windows and door knobs. 

Much of Mexico’s magic architecture shows itself as the great walls, doors and windows that you see when you are out walking the streets. Heavily influenced by Spain with a hint of French in places there’s some intricate and interesting walls, doors and windows. 

I’m always curious – what’s behind?  So you can see what I get excited about here is the photo collection of some of my discoveries in Colonial Mexico.
These doors and walls, which extend right to the street’s edge in every village and colonial city can be extremely frustrating, especially when in New Zealand we’re accustomed to peering into our neighbour’s picture windows and giving them a shout and a wave.
Even the handsome wrought iron over the heavily shuttered windows adds to the feeling that the real Mexico everyone talks about is imprisoned behind these walls. Many so intricately designed from another era and well preserved for today. An occasional open doorway may give a brief view or if you’re quick a photo of coolness or greenery, but these glimpses only heighten the urge to slip inside or scale some of the walls.

In the historic centres of Colonial Mexico there are thousands of doors behind which there are literally thousands of courtyards and homes of distinction. Many are restored to their former colonial state, with facades of color, windows and doors framed by handcrafted ironwork and made of hewn wood.

The interior roofs are flat, often with decks where one can relax.

Very few structures have atriums or front yards; instead, open private space is behind the main facade in courtyards. These courtyards house magnificent private gardens protected from dust, excess water and crime.

This mixture of the revolutionary present and the colonial past can be seen all through Mexico and much of the magic Mexican life takes place out of the passerby’s sight.
We were able to be some of that ‘Mexican Life” living behind those walls during our time in Mexico.

We loved finding our way to these mysterious and curious Mexican apartments behind the high walls and closed doors… Each time we arrived at our new place we stared at the big blank door in wonderment and asked ourselves;

Is our apartment really behind this door?
It was no secret; we got to live there.
So where did we find these apartments?  Typically Airbnb and if you want to see the specific listings check our Mexico Accommodation post.

Our Mexican Living in Tlaquepaque

Our Mexican Living in Oaxaca

Our Mexican Living in San Cristobal de las Casas.

We feel like we became part of Mexico and could share some of;

“Mexico’s Hidden Secrets Behind Closed Doors”


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