Bali – The Happy Place

One of the things that left a lasting and deep impression on my first visit to Bali was the strong, omnipresent sense of spirituality and religion that guide the Balinese people in their everyday lives.

Nothing has changed and I am here again and enjoying these people in this place of peace. Over 90% of the Balinese are Hindu, and their devotion to their religion is  apparent, no matter where you are on the island.

Temples with beautiful, spacious courtyards, and intricate sculptures were at every turn. The smell of incense permeated the air at every other hour, past every other corner.


There was always someone giving thanks and gratitude and making offerings.

You could not take more than a few steps before you risked walking on some small offerings — flowers, fruits, candy, and sometimes even cigarettes, tucked in little woven, leaf boxes on the ground or random sidewalk nooks.

Bali - The Happy Place

Always Happy and looking to sell a Sarong

Bali - The Happy Place

A magic moment to witness the local people blessing themselves with Holy Water

Bali - The Happy Place

Prayers at the Holy Water Temple Tirrta Empul Ubud

It was all so wonderful to see, and to be part of the peaceful, gentle manner in which these people went about their daily, simple routines was truly a blessing.

Despite any troubles, everyone I met seemed so content; so at ease, and at peace, with their place and role in the world and so I have named Bali “The Happy Place

Have you visited Bali? What was your highlight?


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    • Thanks James, too true, the balinese have little but a lot, they can teach us westerners a thing or two. I once heard that we collect so much stuff that we end up with “stuff all”!

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