When Bali presented itself as being our home for four months, I was over the moon.

Four months, it would be the longest time in one place for three years.

There was never any question of location, we would be renting a Villa in Ubud somewhere. Finding a Villa to Rent in Ubud wasn’t as easy as I thought and proved a little challenging.

With a bit of research I was feeling like Ubud was going to be much more crowded, touristy than we had previously known. So we booked a cottage in a small village called Penestanan just outside the Ubud for a week, so we could search for a villa for our four month stay.
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Lesser known of the Mayan cities in Mexico but equally outstanding is Mayan Ruins of Ek Balam on the Yucatan Pennisula. It’s a mesmerising site well worth a visit for an off the beaten track experience.

We’re so glad to discover Ek Balam.

Dug out of a mound in the Yucatan in 90’s, Ek Balam is a fresh site and offers a peaceful encounter with the Mayan culture, free of crowds.

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My love for Mexico explodes when I think of cenotes, swimming with turtles, swimming with whale sharks, galavanting in the turquoise waters of Isla Mujeres and visiting the Plastic Bottle Floating Island.
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Discovering some of the secrets hidden behind the seemingly interminable doors and walls of Colonial Mexico is an ongoing challenge. It’s true, I have a thing about doors, windows and door knobs. 

Much of Mexico’s magic architecture shows itself as the great walls, doors and windows that you see when you are out walking the streets. Heavily influenced by Spain with a hint of French in places there’s some intricate and interesting walls, doors and windows.  Read More

We’ve just been blown away by Hierve El Agua – Mexico’s Petrified Waterfall – a freaky quirk of nature we found in the valleys of Central Mexico. 

Hierve el Agua – the Petrified Waterfall is a unique and off the beaten path experience and not exactly what we expected to find in Mexico.

But then travel is all about the unexpected and Hierve El Agua falls into that category perfectly.

We’d seen Petrified Wood but never ‘Petrified Water’ so we were super curious.

And it’s one of only two like it in the world (the other one is in Turkey) we’re off to check out this little hidden gem today.

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Escaping from Cancun we head down the coast to Tulum, the unassuming sibling to Playa Del Carmen. Tulum seems like an undiscovered paradise compared with some of the other tourist spots along the coastline. Set on the Caribbean Sea in the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is home also to the famous Tulum Mayan Ruins.

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‘Mexico Travel Cost of Living’ – 105 Days in Mexico – So what did that cost?

This is the first in our series of our ‘Travelling the World’ living costs.  

We’ll be doing country by country, so you can see what it costs to travel and live in various places.

It will outline all our living costs/housing/transport costs/food for a meat eating, beer/wine drinking couple.

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A recurring theme is emerging in our Mexico accommodation. If you rent from an American you can pretty much guarantee it will be big and plentiful in every way. Rent from a local and it will be adequate and quaint. Both are great experiences. In our 4 months in Mexico we found some pretty nice and reasonably priced self contained apartments.

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Riding a Scooter in Bali

Riding a Scooter in Bali – Is it a Good Idea?

In the beginning it felt like they were out to kill us in one foul swoop… cars, dogs, scooters, chickens, trucks, buses and bikes all sharing the one lane road coming at us in every direction.

It’s easy to get distracted by the five year olds riding the scooter three up, no helmets, no fear… Read More

We’re in Coba; a small Mayan town just two hours drive south from Cancun. This is the ancient home of the Mayans. We’ve come to learn about their life and traditions in their natural world – amongst the Cenotes and Coba Mayan Ruins. The city of Coba is a self-sufficient Mayan community living among the region’s underground Cenote and cave system. Read More