Living the Simple Life in Mexico – 50 Days On…

We love our simple, economical lifestyle in Mexico and today we celebrate 50 days on the road as Nomads. We are supposed to be in Guatemala learning Spanish….properly
No wait – back up – we aren’t supposed to be anywhere.  We can be where we like –  I just momentarily forgot that. 

Mexico The Simple Life 19
We can be in Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca, San Cristobal, Yucatan… anywhere in Mexico will be just great thanks a lot.

Guadalajara 1

Mexico The Simple Life 13

You know what I like –  I like the vitality and beauty of the streets, the thrill of trying to understand Spanish and making Mexican friends, the challenge of understanding a culture so different from our own…the list of reasons goes on.

And you know what else I like – Mexico is real, it  doesn’t purposely design ‘tourist’ attractions where camera snapping high heeled tourists frequent – even if I might be a little bit camera snappy ( I can’t help it I have a new camera) I don’t do high heels these days!

Mexico The Simple Life 18

So what am I doing everyday in Mexico?

I am writing this blog!

I am learning the tech side of the blog… It’s a learning curve.

I get mad and swear. Des tries to help.

I still get mad.

Mexico The Simple Life 14I am taking photos – I love taking photos.

Mexico The Simple Life 5We are looking after the cute pooches Rosie the Redhead and Lucas the Blondie.

Mexico The Simple Life 9 Mexico The Simple Life 8Mexico The Simple Life 7I am trying to eat tacos, some are good and some are ghastly. Mexico The Simple Life 11I cannot eat tamales – they taste like rice pudding and god my mother knows rice pudding makes me sick.

Mexico The Simple Life 3
I am wandering the streets – I look like a foreigner.

Mexico The Simple Life 17I look in every religious building – I can’t help myself.

Mexico The Simple Life 24

I am doing my end of year tax – thank god that’s done

How are we living?

We live out of a suitcase and a few Kathmandu packing cells. We still have too much luggage. We walk most places – I am still fat. We drink beer everyday. Jack is expensive.  Sometimes we catch the bus – it’s 50c. Sometimes we catch a taxi – it’s $3.

Mexico The Simple Life 20

Sometimes we only eat 2 meals a day.  We eat simple food, we do not have a cupboard full of sauces, condiments and supplies. We carry white vinegar to kill the germs on our veges. We buy 4 gallons of water for $1.00.We sometimes have to cook our coffee in the microwave. (it’s ok don’t panic). We eat very well.


Mexico The Simple Life 22

Mexico The Simple Life 12Mexico The Simple Life 10

The dopey flies are always landing on me. We don’t need a car, we don’t spend $100 filling the petrol tank.  We have no power bills.We don’t always have a washing machine to play with. We have to put the toilet paper in a little bin beside the toilet,  Des empties it.

We’re itching right now – Mosquitos or Fleas we’re not sure yet. The birds sing loudly every morning – they’re mexican birds what do you expect. There is a cockroach or 2 in our room sometimes.

Pineapples are a sweet breakfast at $2 each.

There are still horse and carts used  in everyday life. There is a gas delivery truck that plays a snappy little mr whippy type jingle.

Mexico The Simple Life 15We’ve been shopping – we spent $13.88.

We bought 4 small souvenirs and 2 tiny purses for our girls.

Mexico The Simple Life 21I also have a new pr of shoes – they were $2 at Walmart – they are violet jandals!

Mexico The Simple Life 2I now own 3 prs of shoes, no wait – they are not shoes they are sandals, they stop the scorpions from biting my feet.  I don’t use a hairdryer anymore.  I sometimes use a bobby clip in my hair!

I don’t use hair conditioner anymore.  I don’t wear a watch.

My office is where my computer sits, I have to share with Des, on the bed, on the deck, on a table with a chair if I am very lucky!

We have new friends from Korea, Colombia Portland,Texas and Lake Chapala.

Mexico The Simple Life 1And there are some seriously cool pooches here…Mexico The Simple Life 4The spending plan is working – we still have money.

Here is what we spent:

Accommodation average $22 a night
Food average $31 a day
Transport average $15 a day
Internet and Phone $1.86  a day
Misc average $9 a day

Would I say life has changed – well sort of….yes…. well I guess so!

We are comfortable with a lot less of everything that’s for sure!


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