450 Nautical Miles around Galapagos Islands

8 days aboard the Athala in the Enchanted Islands of the Galapagos 1000km off the coast of Ecuador
and a full circumnavigation of Isabella island. We are in one of the few boats that take this extended route.  Whilst one of the more expensive trips, we decided to let go of the budget here and  it we were well rewarded. Our guide tells us only 15% of all Galapagos cruises go around the west of Isabella and hence we’re quite often alone at visitor sites and could anchor in some magnificent bays.

Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Athala II Haugen Cruises

Athala is a 33m luxury catamaran with spacious accommodation and supposedly superior stability, there was nothing stable in my bed the first night as we  rolled literally from side to side crossing the equator twice…  finally slept as we anchored at 3am in the morning. There are 8 rooms on board,  we have private bathroom, hot water, air conditioning, large portrait windows (not portholes) and a king size bed.

Not to mention the young cabin boy Martene who insists on folding up our dirty washing and tidying our room every time we leave our cabin, there is no locking your doors on this boat.

On the main deck is a large dining table and a separate comfortable lounge area complete with plasma TVs, DVD player, stereo and small library.The upper deck has the bar, Jacuzzi and a beautiful open teak deck area for relaxation, alfresco dining and barbeques. The sundeck is great for soaking up the sun between island excursions and star-gazing in the evenings.

Galapagos Islands Ecuador

It’s a hard life… Sunset Cocktails

The Galapagos is one of the most interesting and exciting places I have ever visited in the world to date.

The Galapagos Islands are a dream destination – here are some more photos:

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