I loved saying I was going to Guatemala, it sounded faraway, unknown and kind of exotic in a strange way. The smooth and rhythmic sound of  “Gwah-teh-maah-laa.” was music to my ears.I really had little idea what to expect and I wondered what it was really like? Read More

Guatemala’s Tajumulco Volcano is an impressive, gigantic 13,845 foot peak that stands among the great giants of the Americas. Surprisingly, it is not so well-known among trekkers, despite it being the highest point in Central America.  Read More

I have so many messages from people about Mexico.

Many are myths, imaginations or perceptions about what Mexico is and how awfully dangerous it must be. Read More

Still on the pyramid trail from Mexico City to Puebla…we discover another pyramid – The Great Pyramid of Cholula, another one of the world’s largest pyramids. Read More

Mexico City, do you expect it to have Pyramids?

Well yes it does. Read More