Can you imagine living on a Plastic Bottle Floating Island, on Isla Mujeres, in Mexico…  Maybe not?

Well, Richart Sowa does.

That’s Richart, not Richard. It’s all to do with the words that can be made from a name – and Richart Sowa knows all about that! Read More

Swimming with Endangered Green Sea Turtles in the wild… for many of us would be a dream come true.

When I heard we could swim with Green Sea Turtles, right off Akumal Beach in Mexico – I was ecstatic. I had dreamt about it for years, so I didn’t waste any time getting there.

Best of all there was no long boat ride in the hot Mexico sun. Just rock up to Akumal Beach, jump in, and you’re in Green Sea Turtle Paradise. Read More

For millions of years, this mystical underworld stayed hidden deep underground in the Riveria Maya,Yucatan,Mexico. It’s where the underworld meets the heavens. This womb of the earth is a sacred place to the Mayans who believed it was the doorway to the afterlife.

We were exploring Mexico’s cenotes and caves, looking for that something special… when we discovered one of the true Wonders of the World… ‘Rio Secreto’ – so much more than a cenote… it’s a living breathing cave system. Read More

Ever wanted to swim with Whale Sharks… Everyone does, right?

This article gives you the low down on what to expect, likely costs, trip planning tips and our experience swimming with Whale Sharks in Mexico.

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On the way home we meet Caveman… It turns out Caveman is a true legend of the sea and after some friendly banter we book a snorkel trip with him for the next day. Caveman tells us it’s his job to respect the sea, make us happy and show us his place. Read More